The architecture of video cards is constantly evolving and more programmable functions arise there. New features needed to be combined with existing APIs. As a result, imperfect abstractions were developed. Programmers could not understand how to translate new ideas into existing graphics architectures. To increase game performance, drivers have been updated much more frequently. Also, in recent years, there is a start of mobile release technology with serious graphics programs.

Vulkan technology helps solve any problems, as it is designed for the latest graphics architectures. With this tool, you can simultaneously create and send commands in different threads. Vulkan combines computational and graphical capabilities into a single API.

Essence of the technology

Vulkan is a low-level API that gives developers access to GPU to fully control its features. It has lighter drivers, fewer time lags, and less money spent processing graphical commands than traditional programs. It effectively supports multithreading and increases the performance of any equipment. Creators can develop software for both personal computers and embedded and mobile devices. There are no restrictions for operating systems too because they can be of any type.

Creator of this technology

Vulkan technology was created by Khronos Group. It consists of a large number of organisations working in the field of software. This program was developed to create and play any content on different platforms and devices. This technology is improved and supplemented regularly.

Khronos Group

The use of Vulkan technology for users

This program is useful for creators of modern computer games. It allows applications to work on different platforms. The NVIDIA drivers for Windows, Linux, and Android with which this program is compliant are already in the public domain. Gamers with GeForce graphics processors will benefit from working with Vulkan technology as follows:

  • minimum temporary suspension;
  • efficient operation;
  • possibility of draw special effects in games without fear of their performance;
  • NVIDIA provides Vulcan drivers for all GeForce graphics cards. The operating system must be at the level of Windows 7 and above, as well as Linux.

Path of connection with computer

This program is shared as a virus. Vulkan enters and instals users’ computers without their direct permission. If the operating system is configured for automatic driver updates, Vulkan will install unnoticed. If you want to download the software yourself on your device, you should visit the official website of NVIDIA.

Features of removal of the technology

This program will be useful for people who play modern computer games. They need to download this app on their computer and remember to periodically update it. If the user only uses the computer for his work purposes, then Vulkan will not need him. Some users consider this program a virus and try to remove it from their computers. However, after uninstalling of Vulkan, your device will reduce its performance because the computer will not have unidentified drivers for the video card. If you do decide to delete the program, you should visit the sector called «install and delete programs» and find UnistallVulkanRT file. You can also uninstall this program with other apps.

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