Advances in Game Design and Development: The Case Study of Crazy Time

Sometimes, a question arises that truly makes sense: are any new casino games ever invented? It’s a valid inquiry because when everyday players visit their favorite online or brick-and-mortar casinos, they often stick to slots or roulette games. But let’s focus on the question at hand. The answer is a resounding yes.

One casino gaming studio excels at creating innovative game concepts: Evolution Gaming. Their latest creation is called Crazy Time, a betting game that combines components of roulette and a wheel of fortune. What makes it even more thrilling is that it’s a live casino game. This new release is still mysterious, but we’ll provide the details.

If you prefer a game without excessive details and a long list of rules, such as poker, then the Crazy Time website is the perfect choice. A live casino game is played through a digital device, with all the action taking place in a studio somewhere in the world, led by a real dealer. The game is streamed live, ensuring a truly authentic experience.

In Crazy Time India, you face a person standing beside a large spinning wheel. Most of the wheel’s sections consist of numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10. The numbers are arranged in sequences of 5, with a bonus section and another sequence of 5 numbers. Each sequence contains more 1s and 2s than 5s and 10s.

Crazy Time India
Crazy Time India

You must place your wager on the number you believe the wheel will land on. If you guess correctly, your bet will be multiplied by that number. Betting on 1 or 2 offers higher chances of winning since most of the wheel’s sections feature these numbers. On the other hand, betting on 5 or 10 reduces your chances of winning but offers significantly higher rewards.

As you can see, it is incredibly easy to play Crazy Time, providing a non-stop wheel of excitement. Players who enjoy roulette will certainly appreciate this game, as it simplifies many complexities for a more straightforward experience.

Now, let’s talk about what you should keep an eye out for. Apart from wagering on the multiplier amounts, there are four bonus features you can bet on. The Coin Flip bonus is the most accessible as it appears on four-wheel sections. This bonus is straightforward: you flip the coin to reveal a multiplier.

The Cash Hunt! Bonus is available in two sections and takes you to a screen filled with multipliers that transform into icons shuffled around. Your task is to select the icon that reveals a multiplier. Another bonus, the Pachinko bonus, can also be found in two sections. In this feature, you’ll see a selection of cash rewards at the bottom of the screen. A ball will drop and bounce around until it rests on one of the prizes.

Lastly, we have the most lucrative bonus feature of all: the Crazy Time bonus. This is the most challenging wager, as only one section is dedicated. This bonus takes you to another wheel, where you can win up to 200 times your initial bet. Find the Crazy Time link and enjoy the game that offers an exhilarating experience with its innovative gameplay and thrilling bonus features.

The Money Wheel

The Money Wheel is similar to wheels used in games like Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live but with a unique set of segments. All bonus segments offer a maximum payout of up to 500,000.

The Top Slot

The Top Slot is an RNG feature that generates a random multiplier for a random bet spot. It can create a multiplier for either a number or a bonus game. If the Top Slot generates an x5 multiplier for the betting segment “10”, the segment’s value becomes x50. History has shown that it can be highly valuable when the wheel lands on a spot that the Top Slot has multiplied, especially if it’s one of the four bonus games.

Cash Hunt

crazy time win
Crazy Time Cash Hunt

The Cash Hunt game is played on a gallery of 108 multipliers. Initially, all the multipliers are visible before being concealed behind various symbols. Then, the host pulls the golden lever, causing stars, joker hats, parcels, rabbits, cactuses, cupcakes, and chickens to scramble. When the gallery comes to a stop, your goal is to select the symbol you believe conceals the largest multiplier. Once the countdown ends, the gallery reveals the multiplier hidden behind your chosen symbol, which is added to your initial bet amount.

Coin Flip

The Coin Flip bonus game is similar to the familiar version we all know but with potentially valuable differences. The host initiates the bonus game by placing the coin on a launch pad. The RNG feature assigns two different multipliers, one for red and one for blue. The host then presses the launch button, causing the coin to flip multiple times before it lands. The side facing up determines the multiplier added to your initial bet and the prize you win.


The Pachinko bonus game features a large wall with multiple pegs designed to make a ball bounce around as it descends. The bottom row of the wall consists of 16 landing zones, each assigned a multiplier. The host releases the ball at a spot determined by RNG at the top of the wall. The ball descends, its trajectory influenced by the pegs, until it lands on one of the 16 multipliers. The multiplier it lands on is added to your initial bet and determines your winning prize.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

The Crazy Time bonus game is the focal point of the main game, lending its name to the entire experience. In addition to replacing smaller multipliers and bonus games with higher ones, the segments “Double” and “Triple” are introduced, and three flappers are placed on the wheel.

The objective of the bonus round is to predict which flapper will land on the highest multiplier. If your chosen color lands on “Double” or “Triple,” all multiplier segments will be doubled or tripled, and you will be awarded a respin. The multiplier associated with your selected color will be added to your initial bet and determine your prize.

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